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The Home of Man, Darkest Africa  (topic)
Because of the general scarcity of information on the subject (that I have at least), I'm covering the entire continent. However, do understand that the religions of Africa are not "Animal Worship" and "Nature Worship" by any extent....
Ghosts of Albion RPG

Majin Gojira

11/05/09 03:59:37
Creatures with near Global Distribution  (topic)
Instead of doing a specific location (America is quite tempting this time 'round), I'm just going to post a small group of strange beings I stumbled across in some renewed paranormal research this week. Name: Vampiric Ghost...
Ghosts of Albion RPG

Majin Gojira

01/10/09 03:09:25
A Host of New Supernatural Qualities and Drawbacks  (topic)
Partly due to the amount of Writeups I've done, here's a collection of the Ghostsof Albion Qualities I've concocted, and some new ones. Amphibious 3 point QualitySupernaturals with this quality are able to effortlessly breathe in water...
Ghosts of Albion RPG

Majin Gojira

12/23/08 20:07:13
Magical Italy  (topic)
In the end, for the next Mythology roundup, I went with my ancestry (well, part of it--I am a quarter Iris too). Even though Italy wasn't a Country at the time. At the time of Ghosts of Albion, Italy remained divided into multiple...
Ghosts of Albion RPG

Majin Gojira

12/13/08 03:11:41
The Yokai Thread  (topic)
Inevitably, the first thing I do with GoA isn't magic, it's monsters. Though Japan was closed off to western contact (Read: Westerners were killed on sight until the 1850s) at the time of GoA and the country was closed off from...
Ghosts of Albion RPG

Majin Gojira

08/03/08 18:07:25