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Fairy Tales and Zombies? (topic)
So, I posted this in other forums:So, who has statted up the various personality types from the various tv shows about fairy tales? Better still, who has them done as generic archteypes that might see publication in a future volume of...
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG

Eden Derek

10/05/14 15:10:06
Just In Case You Were Wondering Where We All Wandered Off To (topic)
Some of us can be found at this group on Facebook.
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


02/07/14 05:18:02
Subway Zombies (topic)
A new write up, complete with world notes, zombie stats, and a new archetype! Link here.
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG

Eden Derek

12/23/13 05:16:05
0one Games New Zombie Island Map Set  (topic)
Those of you who use the Dungeons & Zombies supplement might like to take a look at this map set from Oone Games.Link HereIn the middle of the Dread Swamp lies a small island, commonly known as “Zombie Island”. In ancient times...
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


10/12/11 15:40:28
Setting up Afmbe games! where are u located?  (topic)
I'm in the Portland OR area, I'm free all day on Fridays If your interested in joining or you are running a campaign and are looking for ppl to join it just reply to this message with the area that your in and what days your open for!
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG

wickid one

09/16/11 20:37:02
Looking for a online AFMBE game  (topic)
Hey I am looking for a online AFMBE game. Is any one running one ? 
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


05/22/11 14:53:24
Test of our zombie defense plan: All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign, help plz!  (topic)
So, me and my friends have just for fun come up with a survival plan in case of a zombie attack, and I wanted to make a test run of it by GMing an All Flesh Must Be Eaten tabletop RPG. I'd like to keep it as realistic as possible and not...
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


06/13/10 21:49:39
Gametable  (topic)
Hey is anyone playing AFMBE online? I found this program Gametable and it works wonders. This program allows you to create a map version of the area that you want to use and you can customise the content that you want it to display...the...
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


09/13/09 21:05:27
AFMBE demo run for Free RPG Day in San Antonio  (topic)
As we all know, or perhaps do not, There is a magical time for most gamers known as Free RPG Day. It happens only once a year at participating gaming/comic stores around the country. If you happen to be in the area of San Antonio...
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


06/15/09 18:36:47
Character gen  (topic)
Hey all - Running my first game of AFMBE, which I just discovered a few weeks ago. I've been living in it since then... first game was outstanding and a great departure from our D&D 4th ed games. I have a poor quality xls...
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


05/07/09 15:51:54
Re: ATZ Robot quality  (topic)
Is there any limit for how many points you can spend on this quality? Cause if you spend enough points on it you can become quite powerful maybe to powerful. Or does human attribute limits apply to robots?
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


04/27/09 17:28:00
AFMBE/TORG crossover...  (topic)
I love AFMBE. But I also love TORG. TORG has an embarrassment of riches in the number of AFMBE style zombies that populate it (including the Psychic-Zombie Plague from the Space Gods book and the Ghuls of Tharkold). But they never had...
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


01/17/09 06:16:06
NKG Sale  (topic)
Hey folks, The moving sale at Noble Knight Games ends tomorrow, so don't miss out... Lots of AFMBE books are on sale. Anyway, just thought I'd share the news. -Matt
All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG


05/01/08 11:20:55